Hand Dryer Suppliers In Australia – A Few Insights

In today’s time hand dryers are definitely one of the most used and effective toilet accessories used in an array of industries. Whether it’s a restaurant, bistro, or any other commercial establishment which offer their customers the washroom facility can very easily understand how frequently people can visit the washroom. Now if you have a busy washroom, it’s obvious that you need a convenient hand dryer that can dry the wet hands of people effectively. This is exactly where you need an adept hand dryer supplier who can provide you with items that will not fail your washroom during heavy traffic. According to researchers the transmission of bacteria is more likely to happen with wet skin compared to dry skin; hence, proper drying of hands is essential for hygiene and healthy lifestyle. But how can you find one such supplier that can provide you with these items? This post will be addressing exactly this very concern. Read on as I will be telling you about the factors that you need to keep in mind before you start looking for a hand dryer supplier in Australia. Let’s get started.

Hand Dryer Suppliers In Australia – A Few Insights

Over the years hand dryers have developed a lot by going through a lot of technological advancements. These have made them a much more energy efficient and cost efficient product in all manners. Not to mention it provides a much better user experience. Before all these advancements took place a lot of people preferred paper towels to hand dryers as they were thought to be faster to use. However, thanks to the advancements it now features improved speed; and only uses as much as 80 percent less energy in the hand drying process.

Elan Surface Mounted Hand Dryer Automatic Sensor - SSS Finish

Opting for hand dryers also attributes to the preservation of nature as well. Since you are not using paper towels anymore, you can save a lot tress which is being cut every day to supply for the papers. And we all know preserving the green is perhaps the greatest contribution we can do to preserve nature.

Factors To Consider When Buying A Hand Dryer

Now, in this part of the post I will be telling you how you can find the perfect supplier who can help you with items that can definitely make your washroom much more user-friendly than before. Below mentioned are some of the factors that you ought to keep in mind while purchasing one.

The Cost:

The cost is a very important factor in this case since it will help you determine how much you can spend and choose the brands accordingly. There are a ton of websites available offering similar devices, so you can easily get a hand dryer in every range starting from low, medium to high price rate. With the lower range models you can only get the basic functions. They’ll get you through but can do nothing more than that. However, if you are looking for the more advanced models that features all the advanced facilities as well as comes in a very slick look then you have to spend a bit more. Although make sure to compare the products and prices to get the best one for the best price.


When it comes to buying hand dryers speed is one of the most crucial factors to consider. It will help you understand the practicality and quality of a hand dryer. Needless to say that no one would want to stay longer than expected in the washroom just to dry their hands. Spending for than 40 seconds or longer by the dryer is not at all acceptable for a lot of people. Although this difference of some seconds mat not seem a big deal but when it comes to judge the performance of the device it makes a huge difference.


Noise is another notable aspect to consider here. Now any machine which is particularly designed to blow out air at rapid speed will indefinitely be loud. Most traditional hand dryers will work at a lower power level and hence are quite noiseless compared to their more high-powered, pricey counterparts. Thus if you are thinking about installing a hand dryer in a place where it may face heavy traffic and commotion can be a issue then you may want to go with one of those.


In a public toilet or any shared washroom space, germs are definitely a matter of concern. According to experts the automatic ones can be more hygienic than the traditional push button models. Since these dryers do not require a touch of a button in order to operate them, the chance of germs spreading through touch gets reduced.


The bottom line is that having convenient hand dryers installed in your office toilets or at home will always do good to you and the people around you. You can save a lot of money on paper towels and have less trouble to clean up the washroom. So, what are waiting for? Keep the above points in mind and start your search for the best hand dryer suppliers in Australia. If you have any further concern about this product feel free to mention them in the comments section and I will be addressing them in the upcoming posts. Till then share this post with your social peers and keep following this space for more related updates.

HYGIENE – Automatic Paper Towel and Steel Soap Dispensers!

Today everything is getting automated. While some people are thinking that automation may reduce job opportunities, others are seeing the bigger picture. Let’s consider the minutest of all examples that can be quoted – automatic paper towel dispenser or an auto stainless steel soap dispenser! How on earth do you think (for those who think) that such automation can lower employment opportunities! Rather it suffices to our much needed hygiene that most people overlook when they are away from home – mostly at workplaces and corporate offices!

Automatic Surface Mount Liquid Soap Dispenser (Sensor Operated)

One of the most significant places in an office (that most people want to talk about but don’t) is the washroom. Even the complaints that the housekeeping supervisor receives on a daily basis are much more than you can expect! After all, no one talks about it and since they want to, the sole way is to leave feedback forms!

Automatic Paper Towel And Soap Dispenser Can Be An Excellent Way!

When you are utterly eager to follow hygienic practices, why not get these simple devices? This is one of the best ways to ensure that hygiene is maintained at its best and no germs are spread. Even automatic stainless steel soap dispensers can be another thing that you can add. A list of its benefits may help you get the bigger picture.

Perks of using Automated Facilities in The Washroom

The advantages are many. Here are some of the important ones that you can experience once you embrace automation.

  1. Automation Offers Convenience

Are you one of those who have seen your colleagues coming out of the loo without washing their hands? Well, these might be just because the tap heads are too dirty and needs proper maintenance. Also for some, it is just because of the unavailability of a hand dryer that makes them skip washing their hands.

While this can be avoided once a hand dryer is installed, another way is to install an auto towel dispenser. While since the 2015 touch free is in the trends, the earlier you embrace it, the better you will be at your hygienic practices.

  1. Auto Means Less Wastage

Many people think that investing in automated facilities means investing a lot of money. But those who don’t see the bigger picture, here it is. While you think that having an automatic paper towel dispenser is unnecessary, you can’t overlook the fact of people using it unnecessarily and in large quantities! To cope up with this challenge, you need something smart that can control wastage!

Yes, automation is the answer and it will dispense towels that is required and nothing more than that! Don’t you think that it is thus a wise investment?

  1. Automated Washroom Facilities Means Promoting Well-Being

You will not want your employees to fall sick and skip work just because they have been prey to ill hygienic practices! Getting a hand dryer, an auto soap dispenser and paper towel ejector is thus your first step to make sure that your workplace doesn’t promote the spreading of germs thus hampering your workforce.

Automatic Universal Semi Recessed Roll Towel Dispenser Equipped With Led Light

Once you get them installed, you will see that the keyboards accumulate less dirt, people will have a good feeling about their workplace and also they will try to get such things for their home! Set an example of well-being at your office and see how the touch free trends just follows.

To Summarize,

Be it auto stainless steel soap dispenser or a hand dryer, if you really want your workforce to stay clean and maintain all the hygiene in the workplace, make sure to install an automatic paper towel dispenser. Once you get that done, you will find the feedback forms coming in positive and complains will be much lesser.

What more do you think about using automation for, at least, well-being! No doubt, it is not hampering employment opportunities, isn’t it? Tell me your views in the comments and also stay tuned to know how automation can promote well being.


Avail This Incentives With Automatic Paper Towel Dispensers!

The main reason behind the popularity of various touch-free devices is not so difficult to understand. If we ponder about it, we would realize that germs can be transmitted from one individual to another just from physical contact. Even, objects like doorknobs or hand-rails can be the medium for such transmission. But what if you get a system that can reduce this physical contact to a minimum and provide you the objects automatically? That will surely help you maintain total hygiene, isn’t it? In this post, we are going to list some of the major benefits that you can get from an automatic paper towel dispenser.


How does it work?

Within a very short period of time, these automatic dispensers have become an integral part of modern toiletry. Below we’ll be discussing about the functions of these dispensers for you to understand its necessity.

  1. The function of the automatic paper towel dispenser is based on the sensor installed in the system. Whenever its sensor detects a motion, it automatically dispenses paper towels. Because of this touch-free mechanism the fear of transmitting germs gets reduced to almost zero thus maintaining the perfect sanitary-environment in the kitchen or bathrooms.

Food for thought: In non-automatic towel dispensers, you have to pull a lever of some sort to get the towel, but no can determine how many people have touched the lever neither the condition of their hands while touching. This can easily transfer germs to your body from physical contact. Touch-free systems can leave all that behind.

  1. The next important benefit is that it effectively reduces towel wastage which is common with the regular dispensers. Automatic dispensers can give just the right amount for you to wipe or dry your hands.

Food for thought:  Reducing waste can not only help you to cut the cost but also it will make your bathroom or kitchen clean and tidy.

  1. These devices contribute to preserving natural resources also. You can simply purchase recycled paper towels. It is even more effective than using hand-dryers as it may not allow you to dry your hands completely at times when you are in a hurry!

Food for thought:  Using recycled papers can help preserve trees. Plus they are very cost-effective too. Moreover, you can play an active role in reducing the wastage of natural resources!

Things to keep in mind while buying automatic towel dispensers


Due to its growing popularity, sensor based towel dispensers have become immensely popular as a must-have item for your house, garage or office. The best thing about this is its relevance in all sorts of environment such as high-traffic washrooms of your office or any school, in your own house, kitchen or garage. You can easily get one for yourself online. But before you go ahead and do so; these are some tips that might help you to get the perfect item.

  1. Understand your requirement first. Think about where you will install it. Since most of them run on electricity make sure you have a plug point where you’ll get it placed.
  2. There are thousands of websites on the internet offering this type of products, so make sure you compare the prices and read the specifications thoroughly. You can also go through customer reviews as well for your better understanding.
  3. Various designs are available for this item. Think about the interior of your house or office first, and then choose one. This will embellish your washroom with a classy look as well as serve to maintain the hygiene.

Anything else?

Well, lastly think about the traffic that the automatic paper towel dispenser will serve to. There are devices which have bigger towel cassettes installed so that it can serve a lot of people without refilling it 10 times in a day. If you are thinking about for your office this can be the deciding factor for the shopping.

Please feel free to write your views and suggestions in the comment section. You can also leave your queries so that it can help others as well. Share this post with your friends and keep following for more such writings.